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Archive for Desember 2013

[Info] ItakissLIT_INA sudah punya Instagram!

Bahagialah kalian semua yang punya instagram, Itakiss Lovers! Kini, ItakissLIT_INA sudah punya Instagram! Jadi, kita akan post foto-foto di instagram kita. Di follow!

Oh ya, banyak dari kalian mention ke kami 'Itakiss season 2 udah ada info belum?'. Kita belum dapat info selanjutnya. Mungkin (perkiraan kami) akan diberitahu lagi setelah Miki Honoka (pemeran Aihara Kotoko/Irie Kotoko) berumur 17 tahun. Jadi, mungkin Itakiss S2 ada di tahun depan. Namun itu perkiraan kami.

Kami tidak akan memberikan info hoax tentang 'Itakiss S2'. Kita akan memberikan info selanjutnya, jika Official Itakiss memberikan info tersebut. Jadi, sabar yang menunggu. Mimin ItakissLIT_INA juga sabar menunggu info selanjutnya.

Terima kasih atas perhatiannya :)

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[Picture] Happy Birthday Furukawa Yuki!

Hi semua! Apa ada yang ikut 'Furukawa Yuki's Birthday Project'? Jadi, kali ini kita akan post foto-foto saat Yuki ulang tahun tanggal 18 Desember kemarin!


Dan pesan yang diberikan Furukawa Yuki kepada fansnya.....
Isi: Thank you for your wonderful message!!!
Maaf kekecilan, karena nggak bisa dibesarin fotonya di laptop. Tapi, yang lebih penting, Yuki menghargai semua yang kita kerjakan selama ini :)
Terima kasih sudah bekerja sama dengan kami dalam project kali ini. Sampai jumpa di project lainnya! XD

[Trivia in English] 'Itazurana Kiss' ...The drama first time in 17 years "love bible" starring Furukawa Yuki - Interview

At 00:00 on 21 November 2013

A masterpiece of timeless "Love Bible" that has been serialized in Margaret volume (Shueisha), 'Itazurana Kiss', this series become very popular in 1990-1999 in Margaret Volume (Shueisha) that is supported by many fans even now, and comeback in the drama first time in 17 years again. The name also 'Itazurana Kiss ~ Love in TOKYO.
Yuki Furukawa (25), who plays genius Irie Naoki with IQ200, talks about a new "Itakiss".

-- Did you read the original story?
Yes, of course. Where you do not know the role, it has to be helpful to read back the original. And i think to express in my own irie-kun feelings that creating a new one, i just saw a little korean version of itakiss so that it is not affected. People who was seen Japan version, Korean version, also Taiwan version, of course seen as a comparison, and people who's never seen title "Love in TOKYO", i think the fresh feeling because it.

-- When playing Irie-kun with IQ200, where is the place you have in mind?
Irie-kun is perfect for all, that you have to worry about until now because it is ideal role with high expectations of everyone such as no camera work, i was conscious how to looks like an Irie-kun. I'm often expressionless no voice and only action. With his hand in his pocket, it was difficult because it would not make sense just to add a little glance. The atmosphere of the scene are different every time, and i was nervous at first.

-- Is there a part Irie-kun and Furukawa-san is similar?
There are some scenes to speak in English, that part is similar and quite a lot since i lived in New York for 19 years and Canada for 7 years. After that, Irie-kun is 178cm and my height is 180cm. By the way the height more of my family, my father is 188cm and my brother is 183cm.

-- Your favorite type?
My type is an older woman mentally than me. Age either older or younger, who has a unique aura such as her atmosphere. It will be attracted to the unique aura and atmosphere of Nishimura Tomomi and i were a co-star of that time.

-- Most surprised that you have? 
Now, i think being an actor. Auditions that held on 50th anniversary Mr. Keio in university of Horipro is a chance, i have been chosen to Mr. Keio University in third grade exactly. While job hunting in the future worried me in that time. For the first time I thought acting is interesting when you should be in occupation. For myself it is the first time i wanna do occupation that i found, and i went into the way of the actor.

-- How does trying to start an actor?
I thought that was good to turn, i wonder i can. I think it was good because consent from my parent after they look. And i think it is good because of profession that can be a lifetime. It is was bound myself "live more life if do you want to do", and i had decided at that time after i thought a lot. So i think that was good. 

-- Do you have goals for the future, the role you are aiming?
I want to be involved in work abroad because i speak English. For example, i want to be able to play an active part in the overseas such as Ken Watanabe. I think it is aim as an actor at the same time,
that can change the role instantly in the scene and atmosphere of the place, if i had something to change i really to be more witted and fast. Such as Sasaki Kuranosuke-san who co-starred in fact. The very fast & wise actor.

-- How was your first kiss?
To me more nervous than Honoka-chan as Kotoko,
Because i was 15 years old different 10 years from me the reason to tense, can not afford to step, and i'll lead, it was challenged. But originally Irie-kun kiss to Kotoko in the rain is a famous scene, because shooting intentionally in not-prepared rain making. On that day, i was shooting in the rain storm comes from the morning.

-- Did you have something to say of Itazurana Kiss?
In this drama, i will. Normally there is no kiss with 10 years younger... At that age and you were on the opposite, i think it is good (laughs).

-- When do kiss for the first time?
It is secret ... (laughs)

source :

[Admin's Greeting] Furukawa Yuki 26th Birthday

Hello everyone.. We are admins of @ItakissLIT_INA from Indonesia

We wanna say ~ HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY to Furukawa Yuki ~ Otanjoubi Omedetou Yuki-kun ~

Hopefully all your wishes come true, being a great actor, and always healthy..

Stay cool, humble, kind-hearted actor, and stay being "TOO SHY SHY BOY" for us.. kekkkeke..

We always support you yuki-kun, ganbatte ne~

And we would like to thank for all participants and all fanbases for the success of "Furukawa Yuki 26th Birthday Project"

Thank you so much..!!

See you on the next project^o^/

Bye bye, jya ne~

Check this video out >> here

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